iQniter Cardio Training

iqniter cardio training

iQniter Cardio Training is a market leading solution for heart rate monitoring in group fitness activities like indoor cycling, group exercise classes, and gym training.

With iQniter Cardio Training, members stay motivated by seeing their progress and effort in real time, on, and with detailed training reports.

Use iQniter to ‘see under the hood’. Let instructors and participants see not just their heart rate but their actual effort. Set goals and achievements, design and run engaging workouts, and foster a closer relationship with clients.

Trainers will see more engaged and motivated classes. They will have powerful tools at hand to create highly customizable workouts with goals and rewards, play music and video, and track the progress of their classes.


iQniter Heart Rate Belt
Members wear the Dual Comfort belt, or the New Bluetooth Smart Sensor Belt.
Team Receiver
Belts transmit to the Suunto Team Pod, or the New iQniter Team Receiver.
iQniter Software
iQniter runs on a PC, and can be projected to a TV, or large screen.


iQnite Their Passion for Fitness



 Output to a projector or TVs for the whole class to participate and enjoy!



 iQniter Helps You Keep Them Engaged.


Make Your Moves Count

Training results can be viewed anywhere, anytime at – a free online social community where members can track their moves, set personal goals, create and join groups, develop apps, plan sessions and share their acheivements.


movescount interface



The Modules.

  • BasiQ+
  • BiQing
  • DesiQner
  • AdmiQ

BasiQ+ is the core of iQniter Cardio Training.

Utilizing the iQniter Team Receiver and new Bluetooth Smart Sensor Belts,  iQniter Cardio Training can display and monitor a potentially unlimited number of participant’s heart rates and training effect in real time. BasiQ+ includes an instructor screen, giving the instructor control over the workout, as well as the ability to project the participant’s screen to TV or projector.

The sytem integrates heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, and multiple colour-coded intensity scales to provide motivating visual feedback.

Fully integrated with Suunto’s online sports community, iQniter Cardio Training will upload participant’s data automatically for review, as well as automatically email detailed participant and instructor reports after workouts.

Add-on to the basic system enables deployment and playback of cloud-based workout sessions made with session designer.

• Session search/download • Graphical session overview • Graphical target monitoring • Instructor Cue Cards • Time counters • Instructor login

Free Standalone instructor planning tool; design the ultimate workout session for playback in realtime.

• Design custom workout sessions  •  Create an unlimited number of stages – each with custom duration and training intensity.  •  Upload to the cloud, download at the club.  •  Session, Stages, Steps  •  Instructor Cue Cards  •  Multiple intensity scales  •  Session sharing  •  Search and reuse workouts  •  Easy copy/cut/paste

Standalone module for registration and belt management.

• Participant & belt registration  •  Session history and feedback • Metric or Imperial (kg/lbs)  •  Participant backup  •  Settings  •  Review or email individual participant reports  •  Customize training zones  •  Setup session video playback  •  Schedule scrolling advertisements  •  Define customized training zones  •  

Goals and Rewards.

Inspire Members to Achieve Their Goals.











iQniter Brings People Together.

With it’s focus on social workouts and engagement, iQniter can help your participants feel included and become more passionate about their goals when they can see their real effort. iQniter will give you the tools to take your classes to the next level, remove the guesswork from fitness with useful information, and conduct safer workouts.


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